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Exceed Expectations

  • Compensate for what you cannot reduce
  • Engage supply chain partners and customers

Your comprehensive environmental sustainability strategy should include provisions for those emissions you cannot reduce as a result doing business.

Beyond merely monitoring and analysing emissions and reductions, our approach and technology helps you meet, and in many cases exceed, legislative and corporate emissions goals.

Our unique emissions mitigation solution empowers your organisation to calculate emissions associated with individual products or services, and credibly compensate for those you cannot reduce. This solution mitigates your direct Scope 1 &  2 emissions, while passing on the benefit to your customers and partners as indirect Scope 3 emissions reduction credits.

Scope Definitions

Scope 1 emissions, also known as direct emissions, include any emissions that occur on-site or from company-owned assets. Scope 1 includes the combustion of fuels, process emissions, and refrigerant leakage.

Scope 2 emissions, also known as indirect emissions, include any emissions created directly on behalf of the company in the generation of electricity or the delivery of energy via hot water or steam.

Scope 3 emissions are all remaining emissions that result from company activities, but occur from sources not owned or controlled by the company (e.g., commuting, air travel, waste disposal, and water usage).