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Put Your Insights to Work

  • Reduce consumption and optimise operations
  • Monitor and analyse performance

This is where we put Sustainability Intelligence to work, using trusted insights to deploy appropriate interventions and optimisations from our solutions portfolio.

These solutions may include adopting more environmentally-friendly, energy efficient business practices, as well as deploying infrastructure upgrades and retrofits that reduce energy consumption and emissions. You can also drive efficiencies beyond the four walls of your enterprise into other areas of the business, such as transportation and logistics.

Sustainability Intelligence also encompasses capabilities to ensure your project delivers on time, on target, and within budget - providing role-based tools and insights to monitor and analyse performance, and take action. Features include:

  • Energy, emissions, and carbon footprint monitoring and analysis
  • Operations dashboards and performance scorecards
  • Financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Billing verification