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Preserving the Earth for Future Generations

Natural Capital encompasses the resources or assets with which we build our societies, economies, and institutions, and ultimately regulates the environmental conditions that enable human life. Climate change, depletion of those natural assets and pollution of our environment requires our collective, and urgent intervention, to ensure future generations are left with a sustainable planet.

The Natural Asset Exchange (NAE) was developed to create a marketplace that removes barriers to participation in activities that preserve our Environment and allow all stakeholders (Buyers and Sellers) in the environmental value chain to participate.

The Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform enables certified Natural Capital Asset project developers to list their products (e.g. carbon credits, REC's, metered output, etc.), on a unique Blockchain & Smart Contract platform, specifically designed for the Natural Asset trading market, at no cost.

Sellers control their own profit pipeline by having access to a range of flexible pricing mechanisms (e.g. fixed price, spot rate, various auction types, etc.), which they can assign to their asset pool based on their chosen percentage of the pool allocation; all without long-term contractual lock-in.

The use of EARTH Tokens (EARTH) as the settlement currency reduces complexity related to fiat currency exchange rates, along with significantly reduced transaction fees. Fulfilment and settlement takes place simultaneously, based on the terms of the agreed Smart Contract between buyers and sellers at the time of purchase, essentially eliminating lengthy transaction lead times and enabling just-in-time purchasing of Natural Assets that benefit the environment.

Market makers, such as impactChoice & others, have access to Smart Contracts & API's to enable direct integration into their systems and solutions. The ability to mitigate environmental impact in complex, integrated manufacturing processes and supply-chains, on a pay-as-you-go, just-in-time fashion is now a reality, reducing corporate risk and exposure to hedged Natural Assets.